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Family Therapy


Family Therapy can take many forms, depending on the issues and situations at hand. Sessions might include everyone in a nuclear family, all or some members of a divorced and/or blended family, members of multiple generations, or any combination that is the most productive.


Family therapy might be comprised of several stages, working in turn with different subsets of a family. Family therapy can even be the focus with just one individual in the room when that's what's needed. We will determine together which people need to be in the room when.


Common Issues Addressed in Family Therapy include:


  • Addiction - effects on every memeber of the family
  • Adjusting to the ever-changing rules and roles of family at every stage -- Pregnancy, Infancy, Childhood, Adolescence, Launched and Grown Children
  • Co-parenting – developing and carrying out parenting plans that will best serve your children
  • Remarriage & Blended Families
  • Separation/Divorce – Navigating & thriving through all the stages of divorce, from the initial acute stage of coping with loss, to adjusting to a new family configuration and shared custody, to introducing new partners, and blended families.


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